Personal protection equipment

Welding protection: ensuring a safe environment

21 August, 2020 by Paul McVicar, Managing Director, Kemppi Australia Pty Ltd |Supplied by:Kemppi Australia Pty Ltd

The welding workplace poses many hazards; however, if safety measures and appropriate personal protective equipment are utilised then much of the risk can be mitigated.

HEMCO Laboratory Applications Emergency Shower Booths

18 August, 2020 |Supplied by:HEMCO Corporation

HEMCO emergency shower booths are fully assembled and ready for installation, with frosted front strip curtains, interior grab bars and side exterior panels.

Colan Pam可重复使用的抗病毒布面膜

17 August, 2020 |Supplied by:Colan Australia

The Colan PAM antiviral, re-usable cloth masks are made using Metis PCA fibre, which is proven to inactivate SARS-CoV-2.

SafetyCulture iAuditor Sensors and Incidents

07 August, 2020 |Supplied by:Safety Culture

iAuditor is a free iPad app from SafetyCulture Australia. The app empowers workers to perform safety audits using only their iPad, without the need for clipboards, notepads, checklists or sign-off sheets.

Queensland lung health checks expand silicosis protections


Thousands of Queensland mineral mine and quarry workers will receive free mandatory respiratory health checks from 1 September in an effort to protect them from mine dust lung diseases.

Emergency messaging app upgrades safety with COVID-19 support

03 July, 2020 |Supplied by:Raise DM Pty Ltd

An emergency messaging mobile app implements coronavirus updates in its July release, designed to help those who are feeling unwell to better manage their own welfare.

Bruck XCELL 260 fabric

03 July, 2020 |Supplied by:BRUCK TEXTILES

布鲁克纺织品的Xcell 260面料轻巧,可为消防员和暴露于火的工人提供高可见性警告颜色。

Health and safety organisations call for respirator register

02 July, 2020


Artificial stone silicosis: an escalating international problem

25 June, 2020


Steel Blue Hobart Sand boots

22 June, 2020 |Supplied by:Steel Blue

The Hobart Sand boots from Steel Blue are suitable for men and women, featuring water-resistant leather and an anti-static, heat-resistant TPU outsole.


18 June, 2020 by Tony Hudson* |Supplied by:Vertel Pty Ltd

托尼·哈德森(Tony Hudson)解释了如何推动蜂窝(POC)服务来帮助企业减轻移动员工的职业健康和安全风险。

Masks against COVID-19: research supports universal adoption



Calumino Rapid Thermo Pre-Screener

25 May, 2020 |Supplied by:Calumino

The Rapid Thermo Pre-Screener by Calumino is a fast temperature screening system for office buildings, schools, hospitals and other populated areas.


07 May, 2020

The NSW Government has bought almost $1 billion worth of personal protective equipment, to help health workers battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taleb Medical GeoSaver public access defibrillator

05 May, 2020 |Supplied by:Taleb Medical Pty Ltd

Taleb Medical的GeoSaver公共访问除颤器旨在公共访问使用,并提供可听见和视觉CPR指南以支持用户。