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Extraction systems for welder protection: a handy overview

03 December, 2021 by Jochen Kemper, Head of Sales Export, Kemper

Extraction systems that reliably detect hazardous substances are among the key respiratory protections for welders; here is an overview of the systems available.

Flood monitoring platform targets rising water-related risks

17 September, 2021

BlackBerry Limited has partnered with the University of Windsor to provide a flood risk and clean water monitoring solution that addresses water-related risks.

Hosing herbicide into stormwater drain leads to $15K fine

15 April, 2021

Goulburn公司被淋湿的除草剂变成年代tormwater drain, out of concern for worker safety, has been fined $15,000 by the NSW EPA.

Butterfly wings propel hydrogen sensor powered by light


Inspired by the surface of butterfly wings, Australian researchers from RMIT University have developed a light-activated hydrogen sensor that can detect hydrogen leaks.

Cloud Software Service for Managing Your MSA Portable Gas Detection Fleet

01 October, 2020

Grid Fleet Manager is a web-based service to streamline the gas detection fleet management by EHS management personnel such as safety managers and industrial hygienists.

Control system helps meet coal seam gas compliance

19 August, 2020 by Christine Teraze Filippis, Founder & Managing Director, Teraze Communications

A global energy company upgraded its generator safety systems with the latest control and safety technologies, including the AADvance fault-tolerant control system.

Silo collapse triggers safety warning

27 July, 2020

WorkCover Queensland has issued a warning about the risks of working with transportable silos, following an on-farm incident in Queensland.

Toilet paper alternatives and alterations? Call a plumber

28 April, 2020

Toilet paper shortages have led Australians to seek out sanitary alternatives in the bathroom, but alterations should not compromise industry safety standards.

Technology — transforming safety for workers and communities alike

01 March, 2020

Improving safety isn't just about reducing workplace risks within industrial and process environments; it's also about safeguarding neighbouring communities and environments.

Mining company fined $110,000 after rock fall

14 January, 2020

Mandalay Resources Costerfield Operations has received a $110,000 fine, after a rock fall left an employee with serious injuries.

Dust control system targets silica threat

25 November, 2019

An Australian-invented dust control system aims to combat the silica dust threat by extracting hazardous materials during the cutting process.

Serstech 100 Indicator handheld raman spectrometer

06 November, 2019

The Serstech 100 Indicator handheld raman spectrometer is a lightweight (650 g), safe and easy-to-use raman spectrometer that can identify any solid or liquid chemical substance in seconds.

Duty holders called to clean up after West Footscray fire

29 October, 2019

The owners and occupiers of last year's West Footscray fire site have been demanded to remove waste and render any residual dangerous goods harmless.

How to correctly contain a hazardous liquid spill

09 April, 2019

It is essential for businesses that use or store hazardous liquids to implement effective spill containment strategies.

Warning issued about toxic chemicals in swimming pool

06 December, 2018

Toxic chemicals have been inadvertently released at a Picton public swimming pool in Sydney.

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