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Cirlock Custom-Printed Tags

01 August, 2021

Cirlock's custom-printed tags can be printed on durable poly material and are also available as economic cardboard tags, with a turnaround of five days or less.

UniPrint Take 5 Safety Books

01 October, 2020

The UniPrint Take 5 safety books are suitable for a range of industries and come in a range of finishes. The safety books can also be customised.

Safe Work Australia delays GHS 7 transition


Australia's transition to the seventh revised edition of the Globally Harmonised System (GHS) of classification and labelling has been delayed till 2021.

Cirlock tags and tag holders


Cirlock provides a range of tags and tag holders that can help safeguard employees on work sites. The range includes Danger Tags and Out of Service tags.

New Signs CCTV Video Surveillance signs

04 May, 2020

The CCTV Video Surveillance signs from New Signs are designed to increase the security of buildings and properties, and can be shipped Australia-wide.

UniPrint Take 5 safety books

01 May, 2020


Industrial labelling: for safety and efficiency

2019年10月14日Charlie Holmes *


Safe Work Australia seeks feedback on new GHS rollout

06 June, 2019

Safe Work Australia is seeking feedback as it looks to adopt version seven of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals.

Avery GHS Chemical Labelling

01 August, 2018

Avery GHS ultra-resistant chemical-grade labels provide users with a Best Practice Risk Reduction position.

Avery Ultra-Resistant Labels

01 June, 2018

Avery's Ultra-Resistant Labels are engineered to take on harsh industrial environments, delivering maximum performance for outdoor applications.


01 April, 2018

艾利DIY资产管理标签are engineered specifically for the task of labelling.

Avery industrial labels


Avery Industrial标签旨在提高安全性和生产力,防止使用不为工业应用而设计的标准纸标签引起的一系列问题。

Asbestos petition presented in Geneva

04 May, 2017

A global petition against the asbestos industry has been delivered to the president of the COP Rotterdam Convention.

BradyJet J5000 colour label printer

29 March, 2017

The BradyJet J5000 colour label printer creates photo-quality colour labels for indoor use in a single pass, while reducing label supply inventory and waste.

Pall Mall Orange Glow safety sign range

29 November, 2010

The Orange Glow range of safety signs is available in both A-frame and safety cones. The colouring of the safety signs is bold, instantly noticeable even in areas of low light rating. Its glow effect attracts instant attention.

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