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工人的手是他们最有价值的资产,应在很大程度上受到保护。当涉及到工作中的手动保护时,重要的是为工作选择合适的手套。工作任务通常是在不同条件下进行的 - 湿,干,高或低切的风险,油性等。确保工人使用的手套优化以适合工作环境,在维持工作场所安全方面起着重要的作用。


“70% of workers who suffer hand injuries were simply not wearing their gloves. Gloves do not protect those who don’t wear them.”

Over the past ten years, workplace injuries have dropped 25% but hand injuries have almost doubled*. We call this the cut protection paradox. Since the introduction of new cut standards in the EU and US, traditional glove manufacturers have been focusing on gloves with higher cut resistance at the expense of, form, fit and feel. Systematically choosing the highest level of cut protection can paradoxically lead to higher risk of injury as users are more inclined to remove hot and uncomfortable gloves.

*US stats Source

If we are really serious about reducing cut-injuries, we need to take a broader look at the challenge at hand. By integrating the different dimensions that influence the risk of injuries (i.e., inherent risk of the work-environment, as well as focusing on the user’s comfort) you will have more success in choosing the glove that is best equipped to stay on the wearer’s hand and optimally protect your workers for the duration of the work-activity.

Focused on innovation and quality, ATG® designs, develops, and manufactures gloves that have the perfect balance between comfort and performance. ATG believe in keeping it simple and offer just four brands that are skin friendly, extremely comfortable, and highly durable. Utilising their technology platforms, they have successfully integrated the required workplace standards with form, fit and feel.

All ATG gloves are dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance and are post washed prior to packaging enabling them to be guaranteed “fresh out of the pack” as certified by Oeko-Tex®. All ingredients used in the production of ATG gloves are according to REACH and none of ATG product contains SVHC.

在ATG,我们从许多实地访问中知道,您正在处理的材料正在改变。ATGMAXICUT®Ultra™手套是为需要在具有挑战性的环境中进行削减保护的人们而设计的。它们是免费的,可以保证没有SVHC(触及)。集成了用于高切割的CutTech®技术(Cut Level 5C EN388:2016);借助Airtech®360°透气性可提供高水平的保护以及舒适和佩戴者的满意度。

ATG MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ gloves incorporate AD-APT® to counter the key challenge of hot hands. This technology is activated by the movement of your hands and increased temperature within the gloves, releasing a natural cooling agent that keeps your hands dry and 31% cooler than in standard gloves. Choosing MaxiFlex gloves can assist with reduced worker hand fatigue as well as reducing your site’s injury frequency rate (IFR); as workers are less likely to remove their gloves due to their hands being too hot, or from having limited dexterity. MaxiFlex Ultimate gloves have outstanding durability, exceeding the highest score required for abrasion resistance in the EN388 standard meaning they last longer than regular gloves, reducing the total cost of ownership.

ATGMAXIDRY®系列将舒适性和抓地力融为一体,并免受油的保护,可在这些困难条件下提供受控性能。Maxidry Gloves会增加抓地力,薄,灵活,灵活且舒适。

ATG MaxiChem® is a new generation of chemical resistant gloves that combines worker comfort with optimised grip and skin protection. Built with ATG TRITech™ technology, the gloves are 30% thinner and 100% more comfortable whilst maintaining good mechanical performance.


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