COVID-19强制性疫苗对WA FIFO,资源部门工人


COVID-19强制性疫苗对WA FIFO,资源部门工人


总理马克·麦克高恩(Mark McGowan)敦促所有受影响的工人保持课程,听取健康建议并获得COVID-19-19疫苗。“西澳大利亚州遵循了健康建议,这使我们保持安全并保护了我们的家人,朋友和西澳大利亚州社区。我们一直与行业合作,我们所有人都没有丢失的是,由于资源部门能够在大流行期间运作,因此西澳大利亚人受益并享受了该国其他地方的自由。由于资源部门能够安全地继续运营,这为整个国家创造了股息。”

The new directions address the risks posed by the movement of workers in the resources sector, to and from regional and remote locations in WA, with many sites and operations located at or near remote Aboriginal communities. The mandate applies to any FIFO worker in WA, in mining, oil and gas and exploration, visitors to these operations, as well as all resources sector employees who work at regional and remote mine sites. It will also include workers at other mission critical operational locations including remote operations. Resources sector workers potentially come into contact with Aboriginal people from remote communities, which means there is a risk that COVID-19 could enter a community from an infected worker. Factors which increase Aboriginal people’s susceptibility to serious disease from COVID-19 include higher rates of other chronic health issues, difficulties in accessible health care and higher levels of mobility.

Health Minister Roger Cook noted that the resources sector has a highly mobile workforce, with a large proportion of FIFO workers. Minister Cook added that if a resources worker became infected with COVID-19 and the virus was then transmitted to one of the state’s remote Aboriginal communities where people are very vulnerable to the illness, the consequences would be disastrous. “We want to avoid that dreadful scenario and ensure all Western Australians are protected. So, my message for resources sector workers is ‘Roll up for WA’ — and do your bit to protect yourself, your loved ones and your community,” Minister Cook said.

From 12:01 am on 1 December 2021, affected workers will need to have had at least their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine to access their workplace. These workers will need to be fully vaccinated by 1 January 2022. Employers will be responsible for collecting and maintaining records of vaccinated workers, with provisions of exemptions for approved medical reasons. The move to mandate COVID-19 vaccination for resources sector workers follows similar mandates in other industries, including ports, transport, freight and logistics, health care and aged care.

This comes on top of measures the state government has put in place to make it easier for workers to get vaccinated, including pop-up vaccination clinics in Pilbara towns and at Perth Airport. The Perth Airport clinic, operating in partnership with Rio Tinto for FIFOs, will open on 11 October, to provide added convenience for people who can easily access the COVID-19 vaccine on their way to and from work.

地雷和石油部长比尔·约翰斯顿(Bill Johnston)强调,在这些新指示下,那些未接收COVID-19的人现在需要这样做,以便被允许在农村或偏远的矿场和运营中参加或工作。在新的指示下,选择不选择不在组织的另一个领域或寻求其他工作的个人。“这是关于工人保护自己,同事以及他们所经营的工作场所和社区。作为华盛顿州的行业,我们以一系列因素为荣,包括我们的劳动力的健康和安全,以及获得Covid-19疫苗是下一个明显的关键要素,”约翰斯顿部长说。









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