How to achieve ISO Accreditation success

Wednesday, 03 November, 2021

The past 18 months have had severe impacts on the Australian construction industry, butAJ Grant Group, a respected residential and commercial building company, was determined to push on with their certification effort.

The safety experts at恢复合作伙伴帮助AJ Grant Group实现三十二分:三重认证,综合管理系统(IMS),包括ISO14001环境管理,ISO45001安全管理系统ISO9001 Quality Management.

为什么AJ Grant Group希望ISO认证

“ISO Accreditation was the formalised stamp of approval we needed,” says CEOBrad Honeyman.


“It demonstrates the level of commitment from management and the whole business to keeping everyone safe. It allows us to lead by example, ensuring that our teams are safety conscious and actively prioritising safety, and it gives us a distinct competitive advantage when tendering for major contracts against other companies that are not certified.”

Certification preparation

To achieve the certification,恢复合作伙伴在几个月内通过广泛的IMS开发过程引导AJ Grant Group团队。

You can’t buy a product off the shelf for an IMS. It has to be customised and it has to be excellent. While the IMS is being developed, it’s also being implemented. Once the safety policies and processes are developed, the IMS needs to be trialled and introduced to key stakeholders. They give feedback and Recovery Partners continuously fine-tune it. At the same time, Recovery Partners gather evidence that the audit team requires.




While the auditing process would typically involve a lot of site visits to verify that subcontractors and AJ Grant team members were adhering to the safe processes and practices of the IMS, restrictions made this impossible.

So, Sustainable relied more on spot checks over the phone, where they would call and interview site supervisors or ask for certain documentation to be provided within the next half-hour.

“AJ Grant Group has a lot of tradespeople as subcontractors,”恢复合作伙伴说。


Benefits of accreditation

Benefits of ISO accreditation include:

  • Enhance workplace safety
  • Reduce costs and lower insurance premiums
  • Increase revenue and Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Enhance company image and provide competitive edge
  • 提高生产力

Return On Investment

Brad says the AJ Grant Group team have already started to see ROI.

“It’s been a great morale booster for staff. When we notified everyone, the feedback was fantastic. It was frustrating for everyone when we missed out on jobs or tenders due to our lack of certification, because we knew we could do those projects, and do them well. We’ve got the experience. Now, there’s nothing holding us back. Our team are feeling positive and excited about the prospect of new business, and this helps them commit to our safety systems. This commitment then helps our business grow.”

Brad continues, “We worked hard on this because we knew the benefit would be there. It’s not surprising but it’s gratifying now that we’re already seeing doors opening. There are exciting times ahead for AJ Grant Group and the future looks bright. There are many companies that can assist in WHS, but恢复合作伙伴help you make it happen.”

恢复合作伙伴以澳大利亚安全服务规定的最前沿运营。我们将数十年的综合经验和不断发展的知识与澳大利亚企业合作。通过顾问从海岸到海岸传播,我们深入了解并在任何地方建议并帮助您使用WHS / OHS需求。访问今天要了解更多信息。

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